Sources for Missal Comparison

This page compares several rites of the Holy Mass according to the Western rite.

Sources (N.B. The Latin and English are not translations of each other)

Ambrosian Missal

Latin : Sancta Missa

English : All-Merciful Saviour (Archive)

The origin by St. Ambrose (4th Century) is disputed. Approved Missal in the Archdiocese of Milan (Italy) and some areas of the diocese of Lugano (Switzerland).

Mozarabic Missal

Latin : Mercaba index page, modern

English : All-Merciful Saviour (Archive) 1560

Definitely existed in the 6th Century in Hispania (Spain). The recent form has a strong Eastern influence. Approved and used today in the dioceses of Toledo and Barcelona (Spain).

The Latin and English versions are different and cannot be fully reconciled.

Sarum Missal

Latin & English : Society of Archbishop Justus

Composed approximately 1078 from the ancient Celtic Missal and the Roman Missal. There is no approved usage today.

Roman Missal

Latin 1920 Missal : Sancta Missa

Latin 1962 Missal : Download here.

English 1962 Missal : Tridentine Latin Rite Missal Project (Archive)

The Roman Missal traces back at least to the 6th century usage around Rome. St. Pius V made some restoration, removing some extinct Gallican influences, and made it the universal Missal for the Christian world. This is the Extraordinary Form today, per Pope Benedict XVI.

Interim Missal (1964-1969)

Both the Latin and English are composed from the 1962 Missal, using the Inter oecumenici 1964 and Tres Abhinc Annos 1967 documents. See details and Rubrics 1967 document.

English 1965 Missal : Missale Romanum 1965

New Missal

Latin 2002 : Biblia Clerus

English 2010 : USCCB.

Made in 1970. This is the Ordinary Form today.

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