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Generating .html files

WARNING! Please be advised that the standalone downloadable files (as well as music files) have not been updated nor supported since the death of Laszlo Kiss in 2011. Use at your own risk!

We highly recommend instead downloading the Breviarium Meum app (available for iOS) for the Breviary, as well as the iMass app for Android and iOS. The Laudate app can be downloaded for use of the Breviary on iOS or Android devices. We are now partnering with the iPieta app; Divinum Officium functionality should be available on that app in the near future.

It is possible to generate Missal and Breviary files in .mobi or .ePub format, with all texts generated on a monthly basis. Please refer to our GitHub site for details. They can also be downloaded from the following site:

The source code for the Divinum Officium website can be found and freely downloaded from our GitHub repository.

It is possible to download the code to one's own Windows, Mac, or Linux computer and run the code as a local web host.

There are two repositories at GitHub; of these, we recommend cloning divinum-officium-website.

Instructions for cloning are available at the links under the 'clone URL' box on the right-hand side of the Divinum-Officium-Website GitHub. If you have Git installed on your system, you can locally update the files from this repository to account for the ongoing changes and improvements to the site.

The website is contained in the web/ subdirectory of this repository. The other directories at the top level should not be served from a webserver.

Perl >= 5.10.1 is required, as are the following modules. Depending on the Perl version and distribution these might already be installed; if they are not, they can be obtained from your OS/Perl distribution or from CPAN:


(Typically, you will already have all of these except perhaps LWP::Simple.)

Most importantly, your webserver must be configured to allow the execution of CGI scripts from web/cgi-bin/.

For Apache one way to achieve this is to use the following directives in a Directory element for that directory:

Options +ExecCGI
AddHandler cgi-script .pl

This httpd.conf file may prove useful on an Apache host; it is currently being used on a Mac OS 10.14 (Mojave). WARNING: Use at your own risk!


If you have any problem with installation, please send a message to canon DOT missae AT gmail DOT com



Versions      Credits      Download      Rubrics      Technical      Help